Solizentrum stays!

We need your support! Just because Sweden closed its borders and there is no passing through the balkan route LN_160323anymore, there is no reason to say that Lübeck doesn’t need the Solidarity Center anymore. Quite the opposite: Many refugees need support and counselling on how to deal with this bad situation.
Lübeck is also missing room for refugees to meet in self-organised circles, where they can cook, sing and dance together. Rooms for cultural and political events planned by and for refugees. A room where long-time Lübeck residents and new arrivals can meet and talk. All this can be found at the Solidarity Center.
If CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) and BfL (Citizens for Lübeck) demand the closing and we get no support from the Grüne (Green Party) and SPD (Social Democratic Party Germany) it’s on us and you to say loud and clear: The Solizentrum stays!

Link to the LN-Article (only in german):

We’re deciding on our next steps at our PLENUM FOR EVERYONE on Friday, 25th of March 2016, 6 pm. Come and join us!