Month: May 2016

Info Events at Solizentrum

Maiflyer_smallFrom now on there will be regulary info meetings at Solizentrum. We have prepared the former “Männerschlafsaal” for meetings up to 100 participants.

Most meetings are held in different laguages. They are aimed to both refugees and other people.

You can download the current program for May 2016 as PDF by clicking on the picture.

The next events:

Afghanistan: War and Flight

Tuesday, 10.5., 18:30

Looking at the connection between war and flight we will discuss the question of the west‘s failure in aiding Afghanistan. With Dr Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Institute of Peace Research and Security Policy, University Hamburg. Event languages: German/Farsi

Asylum process in Germany

Tuesday, 17.5., 19:00

Informational Event for refugees with Abdulla Mehmud, Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V. Event language: Arabic

Practical solidarity with refugees

Wednesday, 18.5., 18:00 – 22:00

Basic training for volunteers. The training concerns refugees‘ residency status and sozial situations and develops and shows ways to support them. Foreknowledge is not necessary. Referent: Andrea Dallek, Flüchtlingsrat Schleswig-Holstein e.V., in cooperation with the Humanitarian Union Lübeck. Event language: German.

Health system in Germany

Tuesday, 24.5., 19:00

What does the health care for refugees in Germany look like? Which limitations are there for humans during their asylum process? Referent: Abdulla Mehmud, Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V. Event language: Arabic.

Intercultural flatshare: Living together

Tuesday, 31.5., 19:00

Since May 2014 project „Interkulturelle WG“ of the AstA (University Lübeck) has been arranging shared living spaces for locals and refugees. An intercultural evening to chat and get to know one another. Event languages: German/Arabic/Farsi/English.