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For concrete projects

We rented the Solizentrum from the city administration Lübeck. Although the lease amounts only a symbolic Euro, we have to put up the running costs of about 30.000 Euro ourselves as matters stand. We intend to fund this by donations.

Donate warmth, light and water!

For example:

  • 1 hour – ca. 3,50 €
  • 1 day – ca. 82 €
  • 1 week – ca. 577 €
  • 1 month – ca. 2500 €

… or as much as you can.

To donate via is uncomplicated and secure! You can pay there by direct debit, PayPal, creditcard or giropay. will ask for an additional amount of 3,- for preservation of the donationplatform. Of course you can do that ( is also a charitable project) or you set the amount down to 0,- You automatically get a deductible donation receipt.