Was ist das Solizentrum?

Wir sind solidarisch mit den Geflüchteten aus allen anderen Ländern! Das Solidaritätszentrum ist ein Ort für verschiedene antirassistische Gruppen. (siehe Menüpunkt "Mitmachen") Wir freuen uns darauf euch kennenzulernen!

Newroz at the Walli

… and all of a sudden there were no more nationalities Over 1000 people joined us last sunday to celebrate Newroz with us: Smoking besides Hoodie, long dresses and Peshmerga-suits, culinary delicacies and music from Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iran – nothing but a great mood until 2 am. When the

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Solizentrum stays!

We need your support! Just because Sweden closed its borders and there is no passing through the balkan route anymore, there is no reason to say that Lübeck doesn’t need the Solidarity Center anymore. Quite the opposite: Many refugees need support and counselling on how to deal with this bad

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20.03 : Newroz

Lübeck’s Newroz Celebration: 20.03.2016 – 3 pm – alternative – Willy-Brandt-Allee 9   For 3000 years people have been celebrating the old-iranian New years- and spring fest Newroz/Nouruz on the days surrounding the 20th of March. In our time it’s celebrated by over 300 million people: in Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan,

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