Newroz at the Walli

1424425_1586886918302999_6488152922513574650_n… and all of a sudden there were no more nationalities

Over 1000 people joined us last sunday to celebrate Newroz with us: Smoking besides Hoodie, long dresses and Peshmerga-suits, culinary delicacies and music from Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iran – nothing but a great mood until 2 am.
When the Maiwiese was suddenly too small, dance groups formed in every free corner – yet when the Newroz-fire was lit in the evening we managed to all squeeze onto it after all.
The treibsand was equally full as DJ Ipek formed our late-night entertainment. The perfect music mixture from half a dozen countries. “Biji, biji YPG” sounded and kurds, afghans, arabs and germans all danced together, the YPJ-Flag raised right beside Afghanistan’s – and at some point there were no more nationalities, only a group of people celebrating together. And that’s the message of Newroz!
A massive thank you to everyone who made our Newroz celebration possible: the clubs and organisations of the Preparation Circle, the Walli residents and collectives, the hard-working people at the stove, the keyboard and, and, and…!