Transitconsultation and Informationpoint

We support Refugees concerning transit and offer individual advice and information, also about other advice centers in Lübeck. Therefor we have interpretors for the following languages in our team: farsi, pashto, arab, hindi, dari, french, spanish, english and german.

What we have to offer:

  • Support for your onward journal to Sweden (what laws are currently in force; Planning the travel to Sweden; what happens in Sweden).
  • Information concerning offers of other consultation centers in Lübeck (where you can get advice about what).
  • Groupconsultation concerning certain issues / topics (how to register a child in school, asylum procedure, etc.). These appointments are published on our website.

We work in cooperation with various other advice centers in Lübeck, for example Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e.V., Gemeindediakonie, AWO, refugee comissioners of church district Lübeck-Lauenburg and Humanistische Union e.V. together.

Monday and thursday 4pm to 7pm.

Please contact us beforehand, if you know that you come. Especially if you come from far away or if you need translation, so that we can make an appointment and organise a translation. If its possible for you, we are also very happy, if you can bring your own translator.
Our conact is:

Additionally we’re approachable telephonically during this time: 0451-70984522

Our spacialities are placed in Willy-Brandt-Allee 11 upstairs in the building on the right handside.