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Veranstaltung: Syrien – Fluchtursache Demokratie

Wednesday, 27th of April, 7 pm

Syria: flight reason democracy

The mass-fleeing of Syrians coming to Europe is also a fight for their rights in their own country.
The situation in Syria is the biggest mysery of the 21st century, the war in Syria being the biggest humanitarian catastrophe in the present time. Millions are fleeing, hundreds of thousands dead, hurt or trapped in a ruined country without a future. What are the causes of this war and who profits from it? Is there a chance to end this violence? How can one help and what has to be done?

(the event will have translation in Arabic)

Alliance against deportations: Third meeting, 21 Apr, 7pm


So hey everybody,

our next meeting against deportations is coming up soon. We like to invite you for next Thursday the 21.4 at 19h to the Café Brazil on the Walli (Willy- Brandt- Allee 9).

We like to refer to our old researches and meetings and discuss the question, what especially we need, to get started.

Here a short suggestion for the agenda:

  1. Procedure/ Structure

  • Procedure of action

  • Mobile structure

  1. Public relations

  • Flyer

  • Text

  • Advertisement and collection of numbers

  1. Information and contact to persons concerned of deportation

We are looking forward to see you and to get started!

Best Greetings, your Antiracism AG.

Newroz at the Walli

1424425_1586886918302999_6488152922513574650_n… and all of a sudden there were no more nationalities

Over 1000 people joined us last sunday to celebrate Newroz with us: Smoking besides Hoodie, long dresses and Peshmerga-suits, culinary delicacies and music from Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iran – nothing but a great mood until 2 am.
When the Maiwiese was suddenly too small, dance groups formed in every free corner – yet when the Newroz-fire was lit in the evening we managed to all squeeze onto it after all.
The treibsand was equally full as DJ Ipek formed our late-night entertainment. The perfect music mixture from half a dozen countries. “Biji, biji YPG” sounded and kurds, afghans, arabs and germans all danced together, the YPJ-Flag raised right beside Afghanistan’s – and at some point there were no more nationalities, only a group of people celebrating together. And that’s the message of Newroz!
A massive thank you to everyone who made our Newroz celebration possible: the clubs and organisations of the Preparation Circle, the Walli residents and collectives, the hard-working people at the stove, the keyboard and, and, and…!


Solizentrum stays!

We need your support! Just because Sweden closed its borders and there is no passing through the balkan route LN_160323anymore, there is no reason to say that Lübeck doesn’t need the Solidarity Center anymore. Quite the opposite: Many refugees need support and counselling on how to deal with this bad situation.
Lübeck is also missing room for refugees to meet in self-organised circles, where they can cook, sing and dance together. Rooms for cultural and political events planned by and for refugees. A room where long-time Lübeck residents and new arrivals can meet and talk. All this can be found at the Solidarity Center.
If CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany) and BfL (Citizens for Lübeck) demand the closing and we get no support from the Grüne (Green Party) and SPD (Social Democratic Party Germany) it’s on us and you to say loud and clear: The Solizentrum stays!

Link to the LN-Article (only in german):

We’re deciding on our next steps at our PLENUM FOR EVERYONE on Friday, 25th of March 2016, 6 pm. Come and join us!



On September 9th our support for refugees in transit to Scandinavia started on the Walli. In just a short time we 12010738_1491315724526786_8593649073123331546_omanaged to create a unique place of solidarity, meeting and voluntary engagement. So far we’ve managed to help over 14.000 people crossing borders and reaching their chosen destinations.

The independent communications center “die alternative” (mostly called “Walli” because of its location on the Wallhalbinsel) has been a place for uncommercial culture, alternative living and left politics since 1978. The experiences made with self-organisation, basic democratic structures and the trust that grew between everyone involved over the years are what made our practical solidarity with the refugees in transit and the organisation of it all possible in such a short time – and all that without any full-timers, officials and no one giving orders from “above”. This Walli-Culture also makes it possible for new helpers – with or without german passports – to join in and become a part of our project.

When the temperatures started sinking and more people started requiring our support, we needed more space. Through constant negotiations and symbolic house squatting we finally got another building from the city that is now our solidarity center. This would never have been possible without all the voluntary work, also from traveling craftsmen and solidary businesses in Lübeck.

The solidarity center was founded to be a place for refugees in transit – and we want it to become so much more. A lot of people, from a lot of countries, are now arriving in Lübeck and they want to settle in and orientate. Often burocratic structures and lack of funds make it hard to build a self-determined life. We want the solidarity center to become a house for those new Lübeck residents to meet, talk and make their own interests known.

The solidarity center is:

  • An open house for refugees in transit who need support, care and shelter.
  • An invitation to all refugees and migrants who’ve only just arrived in Lübeck and are looking for a place to meet others, chat and become a part of the center.
  • A chance to for all Lübeck residents, with or without a german pass, with or without a migration background, new-arrivals and those who’ve been here all their lives to meet new people.
  • An offer to become a part of the self-organised workshops and projects, music and culture, language courses and informative events.
  • An active center that transmits impulses and actions for a world without borders, for global solidarity and a society in which everyone has equal rights.

The solidarity center is part of the independent youth- and culture center alternative (“Walli”) and stands for the following principles:

  • Everyone in our house “works” uncommercially and voluntary. We do not strive for commercial gains. Revenue made through the sale of food and drinks or entrance fees are for the financing of the project, the maintenance of the house or a collectively chosen good cause. No one is being paid for their engagement in our house.
  • We manage ourselves and make all decisions together in an open plenum to which all involved and users of the house are invited. On said plenum every opinion counts and we try our best to always find solutions everyone can agree with, or at least accept. On this basis the single collectives and work groups work out their matters autonomously.
  • The alternative – and with it the solidarity center – is in every aspect, and without excuse, a place without space for racism, fascism and sexism. We do not tolerate any sort of discriminative statements or actions – be it because of the colour of someone’s skin, the country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age. We want to communicate violence-free and offer victims of discrimination or attacks protection and support.

+++++WE NEED YOU!+++++

We’re a solidarity center for refugees and support them on their way to Scandinavia. Since September 2015 we’ve managed to help over 15.000 refugees reach their destination. For that to work we constantly need help from volunteers.

These are only some of the things that have to be done:

  • Making beds.
  • Accepting and sorting donations.
  • Giving out and sorting clothes.
  • Picking up trash and cleaning the entire site.
  • Cooking and handing out food.
  • Accompanying refugees to the ferry terminal.
  • Booking ferry tickets.
  • Medical help on site. 
  • Standby duty and consultation in our office.
  • Showing new-arrivals where they can sleep. 
  • Driving service (picking them up at the station, bringing them to the terminal, picking up donations, etc)
  • Doing laundry.
  • Translations, mostly farsi and arabic.
  • Picking up and welcoming refugees at the station.

If you can imagine yourself doing any of the above, give us a call at: 015756770114, or just visit us in our Office (Willy-Brandt-Allee 11)

If you don’t have the time to help us on site, we also depend on monetary donations that can be made directly in our office or:

Lübecker Flüchtlingsforum e. V.
Sparkasse zu Lübeck
IBAN: DE23 230501010160 2777 52




20.03 : Newroz

Lübeck’s Newroz Celebration:
20.03.2016 – 3 pm – alternative – Willy-Brandt-Allee 91278014_1099330906799008_4002983237411631043_o


For 3000 years people have been celebrating the old-iranian New years- and spring fest Newroz/Nouruz on the days surrounding the 20th of March. In our time it’s celebrated by over 300 million people:
in Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, Aserbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia, parts of India and Pakistan, Kazakhstan and more.

This year Lübeck’s Newroz festivities take place as an international celebration of all cultures at the Alternative.
With music, fantastic food, kids’ activities and the traditional Newroz-Fire we’ll welcome spring and the new year.

We’re especially excited to have won DJ Ipek from Berlin as our musical entertainment for the night. She’ll be playing at the treibsand from 7pm.

Our Newroz stands in the sign of solidarity and peace. It’s always been celebrated across borders and stands for the connection of cultures in central asia.

We invite everyone – germans, migrants that have been here for a long time and refugees that have just come here recently – to come celebrate with us.

Begin: 3pm
In the afternoon there’ll be traditional kurdish music with the Kurdische Musikgruppe Kiel, Iran and Afghanistan with Tahmes Tabesch, Ramin Zalan and Seif Ali Khan.

At nightfall we will light the Newroz-Fire together.

7pm: DJ Ipek Ipekçioglu – Eklektik Berlinistan Sounds of Turkey, OrAsia, Balkan and Elektro

Entrance: 1€ for adults, children get in for free

Donations are more than welcome!

Afghanischer Familien und Kultur-Verein Lübeck, alternative e.V., Gemeindediakonie Lübeck – BereichObdach&Asyl, Haus der Kulturen e.V., Interventionistische Linke, Iranische Gemeinde Lübeck, Lübecker Integrationsverein e.V., NAV-DEM, Sprungtuch e.V.
Special thanks for your support go to: residents of the Walli, Café Brazil, treibsand, VEB and our fellows at the solidarity center at the Walli.

International women’s meeting

Internationaler Frauentreff

WE would like to cordially INVITE YOU!

Why? We want to have a good time with you: exchange stories, drink tee, cook an laugh together so that we get to know each other in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

When? Every Friday from 2 to 6 o’clock in the Café of Solizentrum.

For women only. (The Café Brazil in the main building of Walli is open for men on Friday afternoon.)